How to win in a casino

Everyone participate in a Casino game wishing to make a kill. There are several games to be played in casinos. These games have their rules. You can play them through a live dealer or via computer programs. Whatever the case, the following tips on how to win a casino game so that you can thrive and benefits.

Identify the Clumsiest Dealercards

Be on a look out for a sloppy blackjack dealer who can unknowingly flash the face-down card. Keep a record of such dealer from different casinos, and you can make a great living. This is a strategy popularly known as card holing and can give you an edge of 6% over the house. This is akin to standing in front of an ATM which oozes out the twenties. This is entirely legal.

Concentrate on the Prize

If you have been keen, you should have noticed that most casinos have dotted their table games with dealers dressed in bikinis and resident pole dancers. Do not let those curves get you distracted. Failure to which, you won’t realize that the casino has trimmed the payouts at the table from 3/2 to 6/5 which implies that a $200 bet which was supposed to win $300 will have been reduced to $240. With this, the edge of the house would have been doubled.

Know When to Stop

The casino usually enjoys a 5% edge at roulette. You have a good chance of winning some number of spins. However, if you continue playing the game for a long time, the casino will take away all your chips. For every casino, there are calculated points where their victory is guaranteed. This is the reason why they lure you with luxury and lobster suit. The best advice here is that you should have your limits.

Take Opportunity of Laws Nature

Considering that roulette is a mechanical instrument, the frets separating the numbers may suffer wear and tear, or its wheels become balanced over time. This wear may privilege certain numbers, and hence, you should bet on the biased numbers for you to win.

Go Big

How to win in a casinoOn average, slot games are three or two times more costly than table games and hence, avoid them. However, if you must crank a handle, focus on slots which will cost more than $5 and play the maximum bet. Considering that Penny slots have their odds jacked up to the advantage of the house by up to 20%, toss those coins in a fountain.


People are of the assumption that the with the video poker, you don’t have to practice to perfect on it since the house has only a 0.4 percent advantage with the pay table poised right on the machine guaranteeing highest payoffs. However, to profit from it, you should play at the expert level. Most players aren’t skilled enough.